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Billabong Beach? Why Not? *Updated

At the most recent council meeting I suggested that instead of immediately borrowing $20 million to rebuild the boardwalk, and then depending on FEMA and the state to reimburse us for much of it, we should first at least investigate the possibility of turning the development and operation of the beachfront over to a private company.  I warned of the possible strings that might be attached to any state or federal aid, and of the ill will it might create for taxpayers in other parts of the state or country who don’t use our beach.  I’m convinced that a private development company, with the creative talent they employ, and with the great advantage in efficiency they enjoy, could do a better job building and managing the beachfront than the government can.  And with the aforementioned strings, it won’t be the government, it will be the governments.

Anyway my idea was rejected summarily.  I guess I have a different vision than the mayor.  I envision the endless possibilities and dynamism of the market creating a beautiful new beachfront.  The mayor envisions the same old solutions of government debt and welfarism and is willing to settle for having back the same old boardwalk.

Being the tireless crusader for lower taxes that I am, I have come up with another suggestion.

Suppose we allow famous companies that strongly identify with the beach culture to sponsor our beaches?  If they pay the cost, or at least a large part of the cost of a block of boardwalk, let them name a beach after themselves and decorate the entrance with their corporate logo and style.  Because Belmar is so widely known, and it would be great public relations for these companies, many of them might just be willing to do it.

Imagine a:

Rip Curl Beach at 1st Ave

Billabong Beach at 2nd Ave

Quiksilver Beach at 3rd Ave

Swell Beach at 4th Ave

Sea-Doo Beach at 5th Ave

O’Neill Beach at 6th Ave

Hurly Beach at 7th Ave

Speedo Beach at 8th Ave

Coppertone Beach at 9th Ave

Bain de Soleil Beach at 10th Ave

Rio Beach at 11th Ave

Tommy Bahama Beach at 12th Ave

Ray-Ban Beach at 13th Ave

Oakley Beach at 14th Ave

Body Glove Beach at 15th Ave

Reef Beach at 16th Ave

Ocean Kayak Beach at 17th Ave

And just a few more.  Maybe some local establishments like D’jais, Brandl’s, Klein’s, Surf Taco and Eastern Lines could chip in too.

So there’s my idea.  If our leadership won’t allow the private sector to create and run a new beachfront for us, at least, maybe, they can allow it to help pay some of the cost.

Or we can have the imaginative solution of more taxes, more debt, and more welfare.


*Update:  How could I have forgotten Hang Ten?


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