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Are We Really Such Bad People?

Came across this ranking of the states by peacefulness and noticed a couple of interesting facts about New Jersey.  We rank #1 in police department personnel per capita.  We rank #46 in guns per capita.  So we’re doing everything big government tells us we should be doing.  The most guns in the hands of the government.  The fewest guns in the hands of the people.  New Jersey should be a North American Shangri-La, right?  We’re doing everything they say we should do.

Well in this ranking we are the 28th most peaceful state.  In other rankings of crime per capita we usually place around the middle of the pack.

So what does this tell us?

I guess if you believe Trenton you have to think that we here in New Jersey are just really, really bad people and have to be the most completely disarmed and most heavily policed state just to get us to #28!

Or you can believe as I do that none of this is doing anything to keep us safe, that it’s all typical Trenton politics, and that we would be better off with fewer police salaries to pay and more money, and guns, in our pockets.

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