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Radical Nut-Jobs Oppose Debt Explosion!

Of course only a dangerous, radical, anti-government nut-job terrorist would find these figures concerning:

Belmar debt in 2005: $10 million.

Belmar debt in 2013: $48 million, an increase of 480%


Monmouth County debt in 2005: $355 million

Monmouth County debt in 2013: $460 million, an increase of 30%.


New Jersey debt in 2005: $25 billion.

New Jersey debt in 2013: $40 billion, an increase of 60%.


Federal debt in 2005: $8 trillion.

Federal debt in 2013: $17 trillion, an increase of 212%.

Yep.  We better make sure none of those crazy tea party Republicans, or any of that “element” here in Belmar ever gain power.  They might actually try to do something about all this.

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