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Christie Sticks It To The Suburbs

Abbott Districts Here To Stay

Christie promised it in 2009 when he was running for governor.  He promised it probably a hundred times since.  He personally promised it to me when I called in to “Ask the Governor” on 101.5 a couple of years ago and again at the town hall meeting here in Belmar last March.

It ain’t happening.

Last week, as part of a “deal” with Senate President Steve Sweeney, Christie reappointed Stuart Rabner as chief justice of the state Supreme Court.  The governor’s promise to end the court’s unconstitutional dictate that sends most of the money collected by the state income tax to 31 school districts is officially dead.  We will not see a “new” Supreme Court that will respect the constitutional limits on its power.

Many of us, including state Senator Michael Doherty, have urged Christie to defy the court and defend the Constitution.  Maybe he’ll do it now?  Don’t hold your breath.

Belmar receives a little over  a million a year in school funding aid.  Its residents pay about $6 million a year in state income tax.  This theft of $5 million a year will continue at least until 2031, when Rabner will turn 70 and have to retire.

Hey all you Christie fans out there: What has he actually done for us?

The FEMA money is a one-shot deal and that money comes from the feds anyway.  Seems to me Chris Smith did more for us than Chris Christie in getting those dollars flowing our way.  And the highly trumpeted state grants are crumbs compared to what the state extracts from us every year through the income tax.  Can’t you see you’re being taken?

After this betrayal, suburban taxpayers would have to be fools to support Christie and fools to support politicians who support Christie.  And we’d have to be even bigger fools to support politicians that Christie supports.  These people are not acting in your interest.  They are only pretending to.

Oh, and by the way.  Affordable Housing mandates?  Permanent.



The joke’s on us.

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