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A Nod To Rible

(Sort Of)

From last Thursday’s

Monmouth legislator pushes student privacy bill as Common Core moves forward

Wall – With large-scale education reforms underway, a Monmouth County Assemblyman looks for ways to protect grade-school students’ personal information.Assemblyman David Rible (R-Monmouth, Ocean) said in a Thursday press release that he has written legislation that would limit the disclosure of student data collected by education officials.

“As we move forward with new educational standards and increased student testing a significant amount of data is being collected from New Jersey’s schoolchildren,” Rible said. “Parents of students are understandably concerned about the data that is being collected on their children and how this information will be used.”

Rible said that the state is in the process of implementing the Common Core education standards which could lead to the collection of even more data. Educators and administrators will collect data to both track student progress and evaluate schools’ success rate.

The measure Rible drafted would allow parents or guardians the ability to choose to have their child’s record removed from data submitted by the State Department of Education to the federal government or non-governmental entities.

I guess this is a good thing but if I were him (and I did run for his seat in 2011) I would be writing legislation to forbid homogenized standards being imposed on our local educators and to forbid the government to collect sensitive data about our children in the first place.


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