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An Overdue Realignment

Neocons show their true colors.

This is really a good sign.  Because the non-interventionist message of Rand Paul seems to be resonating with more and more Republicans, and also creating many new Republicans, it looks like the international busybody wing of the Republican Party known as the neocons might quit the party and return home.  Home, for people of that mindset of course would be with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.  There have been a number of stories recently about the possibility.

This is how it should be.  The Republican Party should be the party of small government.  You can’t advocate for small government and also think that it’s our job to police the world.  Only a gigantic government can do that.  And you can’t claim you’re for freedom and at the same time want us to go to war all the time.  No war since the Revolutionary War, and for blacks the Civil War, increased our freedom.  Wars destroy our freedom, none more than the current war on terror with all its outrageous violations of our civil liberties.  And the true civil libertarians of the left are starting to take notice.

Until the Bushes, no Republican president in the last 100 years started an overseas war.  Let the Democrats be the party of big government and war.  And then defeat them.

Left vs right has to disappear.  It makes no sense.  They both want to use force against peaceful, honest citizens.  The true choice, going forward, will be small government vs big government and individual power vs state power.

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