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Trenton fiddles as N.J. burns

Budget crisis? What budget crisis?

From today’s Asbury Park Press:

N.J. lifts freeze on $12.4 million in arts grants


New Jersey has lifted a temporary freeze on more than $12.4 million in grants for dozens of theaters, museums, groups and other arts organizations.

The New Jersey Council on the Arts had approved the grants this summer, but the funds were frozen three weeks ago as the state worked to overcome a growing budget deficit.

Overall, the council had approved 229 grants totaling $14.4 million. But as of early
December, only $2 million had been distributed.

However, the Department of State began processing the remaining payments this week and said groups across the state should soon receive their funding.


And the “Sunday Money” section reports that New Jersey added 1500 public sector jobs onto the backs of the taxpayers in November alone.


And the beat goes on……………………………..

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