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$andy Relief $$$$$……….Whoopee!!!

It’s Party Time!

First came the clean up.  And boy did they ever clean up!  As has been documented here and elsewhere, politically-connected companies cleaned up to the tune of 300% to 400% more than other companies made for the same work.

Now starts the rebuilding with even more opportunities for New Jersey-style hanky-panky.

Wasting little time is Ironworkers Union Boss/Senate President/Thug Stephen Sweeney.  He got his union give-away bill S2425 through the state Senate and today the Assembly will vote on it as A3679.  Sweeney’s bill requires all reconstruction of public structures to be controlled by “Project Labor Agreements” that force all the work to be done by unionized construction companies.  (The rebuilding of our boardwalk is already under a PLA because our mayor didn’t want objections from the unions to slow his mad rush to have the project done by  Photo-Op Day  Memorial Day.  This is the same reason he cited in his cave-in to the Sierra Club’s demand that we use plastic boards instead of the superior “ipe” wood.)  Construction industry experts put the total cost that PLAs add to projects at about 18%.

You would think that we here in New Jersey would feel at least some moral obligation to spend as carefully as possible the money that was so generously stolen from hardworking taxpayers all over the country.  That is, you would think that if you didn’t understand the mind of the typical New Jersey politician.  (The morality of their actions is not something they spend a lot of time fretting over.)


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