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Another Redevelopment Lawsuit

This time in Long Branch.

From today’s Press:

Long Branch residents file suit to stop townhouses from being built

A group of residents who want to stop 11 townhouses from being built contend the City Council erred when it entered into an agreement with TDB Associates, Inc., the developer behind the beachfront proposal.

The group, who is made up of residents from Seaview Park Condominiums, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold against the city in an attempt to stop the developer from bringing its proposal before the city’s planning board on Tuesday evening.

………..The City Council approved the developers agreement Sept. 10. At that time, the council said TDB’s concept was compliant with the general design guidelines for redevelopment in the zone.

Plan approval, though, rests with the city’s planning board.

TDB wants to build the townhouses on two lots on Marine Terrance and Ocean Avenue. The lots are less than an acre combined. Seaview Park Condominiums is adjacent to the property and residents have said TDB’s plan is too grandiose and will affect their quality of life.

Superior Judge Lawrence M. Lawson will hear both sides Tuesday in Freehold.


Long Branch mayor Adam Schneider responds!


Unfortunately, there is an element in our town that has worked against our recovery.  This is a small faction in town comprised of political opponents who are more interested in imposing a political doctrine on our town and families, than working with us to help with recovery.  I can assure all our residents that no matter how many frivolous lawsuits they file, how many false allegations they level, or how much mis-information they intentionally spread, nothing, and I mean nothing, they attempt will stop our mission to recover from Sandy.


Boy, that Schneider is a mean guy!

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