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Asbury Park Press: The Schneck Option

Today the Press announced their endorsements for the 30th district.  Read it here.

They endorsed Singer for Senate and Kean and Kleinhendler for the Assembly.  They talk about me on page 2 and I’m pleasantly surprised by what they said about me:

Schneck, a technical writer for a Newark auto parts company, spouts the Libertarian Party line about the need for government to stay out of people’s lives. He is an option for those who share that ultra-conservative view.


Of course I don’t “spout”, I educate and enlighten.  And by “ultra conservative view” they mean normal, traditional American view.  But contrast this with what they said about the other candidates who weren’t endorsed:

Morlino – “He, like many other candidates, says “Trenton is broken.” But we don’t think he’s the right person to help fix it.”

O’ Rourke – “……says the Legislature has only applied Band-Aids to the state’s problems. But he lacks any clear, realistic plans for addressing them.”

Rible – “……he has become a symbol of the problems with the state disability system. And while he says some aspects of the system need to be reformed, he hasn’t done anything to change them


So unlike the other three, who they say shouldn’t be voted for, they do say that I am a serious option to consider.  This is particularly gratifying for me considering what they wrote about third party and independent candidates in the 13th district yesterday:

“Voting for any Constitution Party candidates, whether you agree with their platform or not, is essentially a wasted vote. The two independent candidates also don’t merit serious consideration.”


So all you “ultra conservatives” out there, in other words all you normal Americans:  The Asbury Park Press says it’s OK.  I am a serious person.  You can, and in my opinion should, exercise  the Schneck “option”.

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