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AshBritt’s Arrogance

It didn’t occur to them that hiring as a salesperson the wife of a mayor who’s town just happened to suddenly need millions of dollars worth of clean up work would raise any eyebrows?  Did anyone down there happen to take a glance at New Jersey’s ethics laws before signing that contract with her?  And if they were aware of the paragraph cited by Bean in his complaint and decided to hire her anyway, what does that mean?  Was it so important to have her, was she so uniquely qualified, that it was worth taking an action that many reasonable people would see as problematic and possibly even illegal?

On top of that, shortly after she’s hired the town that her husband is mayor of awards millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to the company.  Meanwhile, many neighboring towns hire companies other than AshBritt and pay a lot less money.  They didn’t think anyone might ask any questions about that?

I’m sure they did.  The people at AshBritt are not stupid.  They just don’t care about what we think.

Apparently because they don’t need to.

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