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“Baywatch” Babe and Recent TSA Victim Donna D’Errico Supported Ron Paul!

You may have heard in the news last week about a T&A TSA creep picking “Baywatch” actress Donna D’Errico out of a line of passengers at Los Angeles airport to be the only one to be forced to go through a “naked” scanner.  Ms. D’Errico was flying to be at the bedside of a relative who was on life-support.  When she asked why she was the only one on line chosen for the scan he replied that she “caught my eye and they (the others on line) didn’t”.  The actress also states “After the search, I noticed that the male TSA agent who had pulled me out of line was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing at me. I was outraged.” 

This goon should be fired immediately.  We’d be better off having Mr. Magoo checking for suspicious passengers.  The always cheerful Magoo may have been blind, but at least he wasn’t a pervert!

What you may not know is that Ms. D’Errico didn’t need to be sexually assaulted by a malignant and out-of-control Federal Government to be aware of the dangers we face from that government. She recorded this video in December 2007:


Ron Paul voted against the creation of the Transportation Security Agency and a few weeks ago introduced a bill that would hold T&A TSA agents legally liable for their actions, which have ranged recently from disgusting to totally outrageous.  

Here is Congressman Paul introducing his bill:

I guess there’s little doubt about who Ms. D’Errico will support in 2012 if the good doctor chooses to run again.

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