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Did I miss any?  No wonder our taxes are so high.  I liked it better when we were just Belmar.  The latest addition to the list of feel-good designations we’ve achieved is “Solar Town”, which is sure to improve life in our fair town as much as the others. (In other words, not at all).

So Trinity Solar, after charging tens of thousands of dollars to the homeowner, accepting all sorts of federal subsidies for the manufacture of their product, and having the taxpayers of Belmar pay the permit and inspection costs of the installation, has decided to kick back $1000 each time they sell one of their systems here.  Then we ratepayers get to subsidize the deal even further by being forced to buy “solar renewable energy credits” from their customers, thus raising our electric bills.  Fantastic.

So why haven’t any members of Belmar’s governing body taken advantage of all these wonderful incentives and taken the plunge to help save the planet?  Same reason nobody else is either.  They don’t want to screw up their houses.  They want us to screw up our houses so they can feel good about themselves.

Politicians always want to be seen as doing something about our problems, real, or in this case, “global warming”, imagined. You can always see them thumping their chests about the millions they’ve spent fighting (fill in the blank), but do they ever talk about any problems that they’ve actually solved?

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