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Belmar Dodges A Bullet

Red Light Cameras Get another Black Eye


From today’s Asbury Park Press:

State transportation officials Tuesday slammed the brakes on using red-light cameras in 21 towns to issue summonses to drivers until they can determine whether drivers are being given enough yellow-light time.

The announcement came after a Monmouth County lawmaker alerted state transportation officials that the wrong speed limit may have been used by a number of towns in a formula to determine how long the light stays yellow. The information was based on findings from the state chapter of the National Motorists Association.

Suspension of the pilot program, which includes red-light cameras in Brick, Rahway, Linden, North Brunswick and Woodbridge among other places, was ordered by the governor until it can be certified that yellow lights are properly timed, said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth.

Three intersections in Brick are among 63 statewide locations where local officials were ordered Tuesday to stop issuing red-light camera tickets under a five-year pilot program.


I’m sure there will be a lot of lawsuits flying over this one.  Fortunately Belmar’s political leadership had the good judgment to drop the idea of installing these monstrosities when presented with compelling evidence by a certain citizen in town of just how bad these things are.



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