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Belmar Makes, Trenton Takes

You may recall that the main point I pounded on in last fall’s election and at the debate was that Trenton was Belmar’s biggest problem.  The harm being done to Belmar residents by Trenton’s taxes and mandates are far greater than anything our municipal government has or even could do to us.  I even opined for a Coast Star article thusly:

The state income tax was enacted in 1976 for the purpose of property tax relief.  Instead it has been used for wealth redistribution.  Belmar’s residents pay millions and get crumbs back.  This fraudulent tax should be ended immediately.


I now have the numbers for the millions and for the crumbs.  There’s an entry in the great Paul Mulshine’s blog listing for all NJ towns the amounts of state income tax paid by the residents and the amounts the towns get back in state aid. 

Are you sitting down?.

Amount of NJ income tax paid by Belmar residents: $4,869,847 

Amount of state aid recieved by Belmar from this tax: $878,319 

Amount robbed from Belmar every year: $3,991,528


I promised as a candidate that as a councilman I would focus on this issue like a laser beam.  If this wasn’t being done to us we could cut our property taxes in half!  As you know, I didn’t win election to council where I could possibly do something, anything, about this.  So what is being done by those who did win?  What are they doing to try to recoup this money for the people they were elected to represent?  I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.     

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