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Boardwalk Opening Outrage!

The mayor again abuses his power by injecting politics into an occasion that should have been decidedly non-political.  I had to work today, but I pass on an email I received from Thomas Burke, who was at the scene and witnessed our mayor’s very ugly behavior:

Today, at the very, very public ribbon cutting of the “new” Belmar boardwalk, Mayor Doherty blatantly denigrated Councilman Jim Bean. When thanking those who were responsible for making the day possible, the mayor acknowledged all members of the Belmar council  BUT  Jim Bean. Now I think we all know this had to be intentional.  Not only does is it show the mayor’s apparent lack of value or importance to Mr. Bean, but It also shows that he, Doherty, is a very vindictive leader.
Mr Bean is just as much responsible for today’s events as any other member of the borough council.  He voted in favor of the bonds funding the clean up and the building of the boardwalk, and he led a team of local residents in helping the clean-up process in the early days after Sandy struck.  While the mayor was looking for his cell phone, Jim was hauling truck loads of boardwalk debris from residents’ front lawns, and his team was helping pump out the basements of the  town’s people.
Seems to me that the Mayor just does not like to be called out on his associations and to be questioned on why things were done the way they were……Mr Bean was elected to ask those very questions. 
Mr. Mayor, you use you position to publicly denigrate an elected official…Shame on you. If anyone is playing politics it is you.


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