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Breaking News! Media Ignores Ron Paul!

From The State Column:

According to a recent study by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been allotted less time than the other GOP candidates at the last three GOP debates. A total of 18 minutes and 47 seconds has been allotted to Paul in the last three GOP debates. Of the three debates, Paul was allotted the least amount of time at the Fox News-Google debate in September.

Even with less time to speak than the other candidates, Paul is doing well in the polls. Paul finished third in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely Republican voters. In the poll, conducted between October 6 and 10, Paul earned 13 percent of the votes. Despite 34 minutes and 12 seconds of allotted time at the last three GOP debates, Texas Governor Rick Perry is falling in the polls. In this poll, Perry earned fourth place with 10 percent

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