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From the Associated Press:

Markets gain after weak manufacturing report suggests Federal Reserve would maintain stimulus

NEW YORK – For now, bad news is good for the stock market.

Investors judged that the latest weak economic reports will make it more likely that the Federal Reserve will continue to stimulate the economy and support a rally on Wall Street.

On Monday, a measure of U.S. manufacturing fell in May to its lowest level since June 2009 as overseas economies slumped and weak business spending reduced new orders to factories.

That helped convince investors that the Fed will hold off from slowing down its $85 billion bond-buying program. Speculation that the central bank was set to ease that stimulus, a major support for this year’s rally in stocks, has caused trading to become volatile in the last two weeks.

I have an idea.  Why don’t we just completely level all of our factories and then we’ll need lots more stimulus.  So then we can have the Fed print like a zillion dollars and dump it all on the stock market.  We’ll all be rich!  (We just won’t be able to buy anything because there won’t actually be anything.)

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