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But George, Tell Us How You Really Feel About Me

George Remally, as published on Tom Burke’s Facebook.  As usual, my comments are in red italics.

!!!!!!!!!!!A VOTER AND BELMAR RESIDENT’S OPINION AND VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning I had a chance to sit down along Ocean Ave in Belmar and chat with Tom Burke who is running as the challenger for Belmar Council Seat currently held by Jennifer Nicolay. We talked about many things. We discussed the sour taste I had from this prior Mayoral race… We talked about the irrelevance of a certain group who is like an infectious cobra. (“infectious cobra”?  That’s it!  I’m suing!)  Certain political people just need to put it to rest and go away. (No more opposition to anything allowed!)  This current election council race IS NOT a two person race BUT BELMAR it is. (?)  Someone feels the need to literally sabotage another election. (By having another candidate to choose from?  I guess you want to “suppress” the votes of anyone who would want to vote for me.)  The sour grapes continue. (I guess opposing stunts like the “bundled” bond is sour grapes.) Apparently Dave Scheck (Schneck) is going to run as an independent. WHY? (Because I want to. And quite a few other people want me to.) People understand something, we went through a Mayor’s race this past November which GOT UGLY…. (Seems pretty much every election since 2010 has been ugly. I don’t recall it being like that when Pringle was mayor.)  To a point where voters rights to vote were suppressed. (The only people whose votes were “suppressed” were the several dozen who were found by the county not to be qualified to vote in Belmar.)  NOW before someone smart says I DO NOT know what I am talking about, well my other half was one of 250+ residents in Belmar whose right was questioned… (Her vote counted, didn’t it?)  The Republican Mayoral Candidate was in our home, sitting at our dinning (dining) room table working on our computer. I had him doing work on my own computer for a couple of years and I NEVER knew.  (He never knew that Jim Bean would have a problem with a nightclub hand delivering hundreds of ballots.)  See, usually when someone is new to a town and you are a politician of that town, you introduce yourself as that too. (Not sure what he means by that.)  Dave Scheck (Schneck) is part of this group.. The same group which CAN NOT be honest to the voters and tell them what party they really are. (The Democratic literature soft-peddled their affiliation too. Really there shouldn’t even be parties in our elections.)  BELMAR VOTERS, I DO NOT have to mention the names who are part of this circle, we all know who they are.  (You mentioned my name….well sort of.)  The bottom line is go away, YOU ARE ALL IRRELEVANT!  (If we are irrelevant why do we need to go away?  BTW, we never ever said that our opponents need to go away. We all have a right to be here.)
Tom and I talked about a few things.. He asked me my thoughts on things. Ask me some personnel (personal) questions. I told him where I was originally from.
All the voters in my opinion in Belmar want is an election about issues NOT personnel (personal) attacks. (Doherty’s behavior in his official capacity as mayor is an “issue”.   Calling people “infectious cobras” is a personal attack.)  Tom has not gotten the backing from this group even has been asked to step down from a committee run by a particular wife of one of the inner circle… (Because he betrayed their trust.) THE POISONOUS VENUM (venom?) continues….(“Poisonous venum” = facts.)  The old tactics continue….
See voter turnout for the past MAYORAL Race was very low…. People just were tired of the dirty politics. I told Tom there are many in this town who just DID NOT Vote OR VOTED against the Republicans because of the VENUM (venom) of this particular circle. (I don’t think turnout was particularly low, but if it was I guess George knows exactly why. There being no presidential or gubernatorial race had nothing to do with it.  It was because there was “venum”.)
My thoughts on this race… RUMORS have it THAT JEN is going to win in a landslide. That could be possible BUT please DO NOT assume or take that for granted…..I would like both candidates to DEBATE. (Both?  I thought there were three.) The People of Belmar should hear what each candidate has to offer and what each one of their visions are for the continued growth of this town. I told Tom I liked the fact that he and Mayor Doherty agreed on some things. (I agree with Doherty on SOME things.  Burke agrees on EVERYTHING so far as I can tell.) Politicians should be doing that. It is NOT about the letter and party you represent. Remember WHO YOU work FOR and WHO votes you in. You ALL are in Public Service to WORK FOR US. It did show the leadership of both men crossing that line and looking out for the people of this town. I told Tom that… Tom has to overcome the sour taste of people in this town because of a circle of people who still can NOT let it go. BELMAR, the bottom line is this. This election is between TWO CANDIDATES.. ——- Tom Burke vs Jen Nicolay.  (Not exactly pro-choice are you, George?)  A vote for the third candidate is a wasted vote and certainly DOES NOT help the future of Belmar. (BTW, FOUR former elected officials in Belmar signed my ballot access petition.)  I like how Tom presents himself. He has great ideas. He has vision. He loves this town.  (He’s boring.)
I want to hear what these two candidates visions are.  (Schneck needs to keep his mouth shut.  The people must not hear what he has to say.) I believe the entire community deserves that. We GOT NO DEBATE for the Mayor’s Race BUT we really do need to hear from the two CANDIDATES… (BTW, when I ran in 2013, several requests were emailed to the Democratic party chair challenging their candidates to a debate. All the emails were ignored.) I know I am going to hear why not the third? Well that candidate like that circle is IRRELEVANT and wasting the people of Belmar’s time… It is time for you folks to pack up that gym bag and take your ball and go home. (Sounds like George is a fan of Chinese or Iranian style elections, which can only be between government “approved” candidates.)
If I could give both candidates a little of a voters opinion: To the current Incumbent. DO NOT ASSUME ONE’S vote. I have seen some crazy things happen when one thought something was A LOCK!!! To the Challenger: Get the People Out To Vote. Separate yourself from that infectious poisonous snake which you apparently have from what you told me. (Tom, did you tell George that I was an “infectious poisonous snake”?)  The voter turnout was very low for the Mayors race. So there are votes out there. TO BOTH CANDIDATES: Stick with the issues. (Bean’s campaign literature went into great detail about the issues.)  Tell us your visions for Belmar’s future and please NO PERSONNEL (personal) ATTACKS or DIRTY POLITICS. May the BEST CANDIDATE WIN. The Bottom line, BELMAR WINS!!! I come into this with an open mind. (As long as only allies of Doherty are in the race.) I am friends with ALL here. (Even me?)  I go into that booth and vote for the candidate who I think is better for me.  (I vote for the candidate that I think would be best for the town, not necessarily for me personally.)  When that curtain is closed we look at the candidates and make that choice. NOW, my personnel (personal) opinion here is I always think both parties should be represented. (But only Democrats and Republicans, nobody else.)  It keeps EVERYONE HONEST.  (Not if the Republican is an enabler.) From speaking to Tom and knowing Jennifer I know it WILL NOT be dirty. I hope so at least… Which way am I GOING!!!! COME AND GET MY VOTE and BELMAR that is how it should be. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH!!! IT IS ALL ABOUT BELMAR!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE DEBATE.. THE PUBLIC DESERVES THAT!!! We Want As Much Information As Possible So We Can Come To A proper and educated decision on which Candidate we will vote for. ALL THE CITIZENS should have that…… HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY… Just my opinions and thoughts.. Some may agree and some may not… JUST ME BEING ME!!!! I just tell my thoughts, opinions, and views. That is the great thing about this process of DEMOCRACY.. (But keep out any candidates you disagree with.)  As a VOTER we should be struggling with our choice. That means both candidates ran a really good campaign.. AS A VOTER I WANT THAT PROBLEM. COME AND GET MY VOTE!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!

BTW, Tom Burke, Jennifer Nicolay and Matt Doherty all “liked” this and apparently approve of George referring to me as an infectious venomous snake.

Remally, Burke, Nicolay and Doherty’s “Belmar View” of the candidates.

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  1. Concerned Citizen wrote:

    Now I have a headache!

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 5:58 pm | Permalink
  2. OLD MAN wrote:

    Ok pass the aspirins please. What did a past radio person say ” I got to get out of here”

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 6:10 pm | Permalink
  3. sweetiepieface wrote:

    Why read the comics on Sundays when you have Dave’s future book advance copy

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 6:16 pm | Permalink
  4. Concerned Citizen wrote:

    Sweetiepieface Great idea, Dave get a literary agent pronto!!

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 6:38 pm | Permalink
  5. Groupie wrote:

    Seebeck won at the polls by 120. Bean lost by only 68.

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 7:44 pm | Permalink
  6. admin wrote:

    Actually, at the polls Seebeck got more votes than Doherty. (But all those people should be ignored.)

    Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 7:53 pm | Permalink
  7. Pootsie wrote:

    Dave, I just love your responses. Keep it up.

    Monday, June 8, 2015 at 6:22 am | Permalink
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Run Dave, run! Belmar needs you.

    And isn’t that cobra looking sweet and friendly?

    Monday, June 8, 2015 at 6:31 am | Permalink
  9. Relocated By Winter wrote:

    George: Believe me George, If we could move tomorrow, we would. Some of us would need assistance since we don’t want to live out of a “gym bag”. I recommend if you are really serious that the diversity in Belmar move out of Dodge, that you create a charity called “Relocate By Winter” to help us with moving expenses. After we vote for Dave in November that is or not suppress our mail in ballots.

    Monday, June 8, 2015 at 8:38 am | Permalink
  10. everyones for sale wrote:

    Tom Burke, what happens when all of your new friends vote for Nicolay?

    You’re going to blame everyone but yourself.

    hint: They really aren’t your friends

    Monday, June 8, 2015 at 9:14 am | Permalink
  11. elemental wrote:

    Let us all join pinkies and promise to be nice. That is something material to use in a campaign.

    Monday, June 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

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