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Can Anyone Explain This?

Republicans win in Belmar.


President:  Romney (R) 1310  Obama (D) 1196

2012 Senate:  Kryillos (R) 1198  Menendez (D)  1150

2012 Congress:  Smith (R)  1284  Froelich (D) 953


State Senate:  Singer (R) 691  Morlino (D) 610

2011 Assembly: (2 Seats):  Kean (R) 802  Rible (R)  732  O’Rourke (D)  541  Kleinhendler (D) 488


Congress:  Little (R) 1117  Pallone (D)  994


Governor:  Christie (R) 1173  Corzine (D)  694

2009 Assembly (2 Seats):  Rible (R)  1183  Angelini (R)  1117  Bolger (D)  657  Bishop (D) 649


President:  McCain (R)  1389  Obama (D)  1332

2008 Senate:  Lautenberg (D)  1295  Zimmer (R)  1229

2008 Congress:  Pallone (D) 1544  Mcleod (R)  969

Republicans have won 11 of the 13 state and federal elections over the last 5 years and every race since 2009.  I didn’t bother typing it all in but they’ve also won every county race since 2009.  Yet they’ve only won 2 of the last 7 local races.

There seems to be a couple of hundred voters who consistently split their ballots.  I’m sure if you asked them the Democrats would say it’s because they are so great.  Obviously (at least to me) it’s not that.  I think some other factor is at work here.  Any ideas?


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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    Mr Administrator,you and I both know that there have been concerns identified over the past 2 or 3 elections with the local election results in Belmar. In working with the proper officials, and with a team of diligent concerned citizens, a very close bi-partisan eye is being cast on the Belmar election process this year. This team effort is motivated to have our local results be truly a representation of the local Belmar voters. We want for whom ever wins the elections, to feel it was a clean and fair election untainted by allegations of impropriety.

    Friday, July 26, 2013 at 10:43 am | Permalink

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