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Christie Streamlines Looting Of The Suburbs

Christie’s Department of Community Affairs Commissioner, Lori Grifa, on Christie’s affordable housing reorganization.  COAH no longer exists and responsibility for the looting now falls to her department.

From Thursday’s Asbury Park Press:

“”The goal of this reorganization plan is to put an end to this hopelessly complex and outdated system and provide affordable housing opportunities to our most deserving residents,’’ Grifa said. “The governor’s plan addresses the needs of both the providers and beneficiaries of affordable housing in New Jersey by organizing all programs within a single regulatory body.’’

Grifa said the change will “not only reduce bureaucracy in the system, but foster greater predictability for all players in the affordable housing arena.’’


The only difference between Chris Christie and Jon Corizine is that Christie wants to slightly lower the pay of the government’s massive army of workers.  He has not reduced the size and power of government by one iota.  And he, like Corizine, believes that the person who has not earned a nice house is  “our most deserving”. 

You would never have heard this kind of redistributionist claptrap coming out of a Lonegan administration.

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