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Christopher Matlosz, Hero

The brutal execution of Lakewood patrolman Christopher Matlosz is a reminder to everyone, myself included, of the dangerous nature of police work, particularly in high crime areas like Lakewood.  By pointing out that tow truck drivers have a higher rate of on the job deaths than police officers I by no means wish to minimize the inherent danger all police officers face every day.

My point is that the pay of all jobs should be determined by the market without the intrusion of government power.  The salaries of Belmar police officers should not be determined by a Trenton-appointed arbitrator and the cost of getting towed out of a blizzard should not be determined by the New Jersey Legislature.  Dangerous jobs should pay more but the market already sees to that. 

Thank God for men like Officer Matlosz.  I hope his killer is apprehended quickly and appropriately punished.

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