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C’mon Kenny, Where’s YOUR Volt?

I’ve given up waiting for any of our council members to put their money where their mouths are and install solar panels on their own homes.  Although they feel switching to solar is important enough to force you and I to subsidize anyone in Belmar who wants to do it, they don’t think it’s important enough to spend their own money on.  That’s different.  Political symbolism with other people’s money is cheap.  Their own money is precious.

But Ken Pringle has an opportunity to redeem himself by trading in his Jaguar and that electric golf cart thingy and be the first in Belmar to buy a shiny new Chevy Volt.  By going around the corner to Sea Coast Chevy and plunking down his forty grand he could really put his money where his mouth is.  Oops.  I forgot.  It’s a vacant lot around the corner.  Seems that a Chevy dealer didn’t fit the motif.  Well he could drive up to Ocean Township and buy one.

Tooling around in a Volt, at least until the battery reaches it’s 30 mile or so limit, would put him in a very exclusive club.  It seems despite all the hype (including a super bowl ad) Government Motors has managed to sell fewer than 1000 of these little hot rods including the 25% of them that the government has purchased.  More Americans drive Lamborghinis than Chevy Volts.  Somehow I don’t think that Obama and GM wanted the Volt to be quite that exclusive.  Maybe they’ll increase the subsidy to the point that Volts will be $1.  At that price maybe I’ll even buy one.

There’s a great story about the Volt in Human Events here, and a write-up about the Consumer Reports test of the Volt here.  But Kenny please don’t read them.  I want you to buy a Volt.  Maybe I can ride shot gun in it when you and Kathy go shopping for solar panels for that great big house of yours. 

There is one good thing about the Volt.  With that 30 mile range, it’ll force everyone to shop local!

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