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David Paterson Blows Off Port Authority Ethics Job

To Join The Fun Instead!

Sued By Ex-Partner.

Connection to Belmar.

From the NY Post:

Ex-Gov. David Paterson sold out a business partner and scuttled efforts to expose corruption at the Port Authority so he could get a seat on the PA board for his late dad, powerhouse Democratic politician Basil Paterson, according to a suit filed today.

Brian Aryai, a former Treasury agent, claims in court papers that he and David Paterson formed a construction-industry compliance firm in 2012, and that their company, Icon Compliance Services, was in line to snag two contracts to monitor work on the Bayonne Bridge and security arrangements at five PA-run airports and the World Trade Center site.

But Paterson allegedly “conspired” with the PA behind Aryai’s back to get his aging and ailing dad named to its board, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in May 2013, less than a year before the elder Paterson’s death.

“Paterson raised no concern or objection over his father’s nomination, seemingly having already made the decision to forego his legal and ethical obligations to Aryai and Icon, and in return guarantee his father’s re-entry into the political realm,” the Manhattan federal suit says.

“With Paterson’s father as a board commissioner, the Port Authority deliberately created a conflict of interest that provided it with the necessary justification to not award Icon the Bayonne Bridge or security audit projects.”
The suit also says the scheme was motivated by “elements within the Port Authority” concerned about the possible corruption Aryai was poised to uncover……………..

…………A spokesman for the legally blind ex-governor denied Aryai’s allegations, adding: “We’ll see him in court.”

“Brian Aryai knows full well that he will never win a lawsuit with such flimsy allegations,” spokesman Sean Darcy said………….

Belmar resident Sean Darcy is the husband of Laura Matos, business partner of Maggie Moran.  (Moran is the wife of Belmar mayor Matt Doherty.)

Before being spokesman for the possibly-corrupt David Paterson, he was spokesman and opposition researcher for the probably-corrupt Jon Corzine.  He is also the principle of Round World Consulting, which includes on its payroll Bayonne city administrator Steve Gallo.

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  1. Uncomfortable Truth wrote:

    Great work. Too bad the press is out to lunch or in the bag. The good news is that blogs of your caliber are the new
    reliable source for news. I would give out Round the World’s address near St. Rose but another reader got in a great deal of trouble putting public information on this site. News at eleven.

    Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

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