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Decision Day **Updated**

Judge Lawrence Lawson (love that name) is set to hand down decisions today on some of the legal conflicts involving the boardwalk development.

He is going to decide on the validity of Doherty’s invocation of redevelopment law.  Hopefully he’ll rule that it was not justified.

He is also supposed to advise us on how much of the ($5 million!) cost of rebuilding Taylor Pavilion can be charged to the beach utility.  As some of you are aware, the administration here didn’t wait to hear from Lawson before guessing what the formula might be and preparing bond ordinances based on those guesses.  If their guesses were correct they will pass those bonds tonight.

I am curious to see what Lawson has to say about the cancellation of the $7.1 million bond that he ordered the referendum on and about it’s replacement with two other bonds.  Will he order that those be subject to referendum instead?  I certainly hope so.  I think we need to ask the voters before we spend $7 million for two small, relatively simple buildings.  I can’t understand why they are so expensive.

I will post the decisions as soon as I have them so unless they come after I’ve already begun my commute home they will up here on the blog this afternoon.  Stay tuned.

**Update**  According to the Patch, the two sides will have a conference today with Lawson.

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