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Did Obama Plan To Sell Treasury Secretary Post?

Seems Corzine had plans to buy another political office, this time treasury secretary.

From a story in the Washington Post:

The bankrupt financial company MF Global, now under federal investigation for possibly misusing clients’ money, is one of the top sources of contributions for President Obama’s reelection, complicating the campaign’s effort to turn public anger at Wall Street into a political advantage.

Employees of the company have given $108,650 to Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, according to federal records. MF Global’s chairman and chief executive, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, has raised at least $500,000 for the campaign and the DNC as a “bundler,” or volunteer fundraiser.


MF Global recently made a bond sale with an unusual clause, saying the interest rate on the bonds would rise 1 percent if Corzine ended up being appointed to a post in the Obama administration. There has been speculation that he could be in line for Treasury secretary if the president is reelected.

So (alleged) Wall Street crook Jon Corzine possibly had plans to buy a seat that would put him at the pinnacle of power over the US economy and apparently felt he had a willing seller in Barak Obama.  I’m sure the Wall Street occupiers are completely outraged at this .  I don’t know why they aren’t down there protesting at the White House.  The only thing I can think of is that they just don’t know how to get there so to help them out I have provided, courtesy of Google Maps, directions from Zuccotti Park to the home of the influence-peddler in-chief.


  1. Head northwest on Liberty St toward Trinity Pl
499 ft
  2. Turn left onto Greenwich St
0.1 mi
  3. Turn right onto Carlisle St
0.1 mi
  4. Turn right onto West St
1.1 mi
  5. Turn right onto Canal St
0.2 mi
  6. Turn left onto Hudson St
59 ft
  7. Take the 1st right onto I-78 W/Holland Tunnel

Continue to follow I-78 W
Entering New Jersey
2.3 mi
  8. Slight right to stay on I-78 W

Toll road
7.9 mi
  9. Take the I-95 S exit toward Turnpike S

Toll road
0.7 mi
  10. Continue on the ramp and merge onto I-95 S

Toll road
43.7 mi
  11. Continue onto New Jersey Turnpike S

Partial toll road
59.8 mi
  12. Continue onto US-40 W

Toll road
0.6 mi
  13. Merge onto I-295 S

Partial toll road
Entering Delaware
6.6 mi
  14. Merge onto I-95 S

Partial toll road
Entering Maryland
59.2 mi
  15. Continue onto I-895 S

Partial toll road
10.6 mi
  16. Take exit 4 to merge onto MD-295 S toward Balt Pkwy/Wash Pkwy/Bwi Airport
27.4 mi
  17. Take the exit onto US-50 W/New York Ave NE toward Washington

Entering District of Columbia
5.2 mi
  18. Turn left onto 6th St NW
0.1 mi
  19. Take the 2nd right onto Massachusetts Ave NW
0.1 mi
  20. Continue onto K St NW
0.1 mi
  21. Continue onto New York Ave NW
0.6 mi
  22. Turn left onto 15th St NW
0.2 mi
  23. Turn right onto E St NW

Partial restricted usage road
404 ft
  24. Take the 1st right onto E Executive Ave NW

Restricted usage road
0.2 mi

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  1. Evan wrote:

    Well I guess one positive of the MF Global debacle is that there is no longer much change of a Treasury Secretary Corzine.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

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