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Do I Have An Angel At The Press?

This is a little weird.  After my minor rant yesterday morning about the Bloomberg writer using the word “unsuccessful” to describe my 2011 Libertarian candidacy, I took a look at the print edition in the Press over dinner last night and noticed that an editor there had substituted the word “former” for “unsuccessful”.  Whoever it was obviously recognized that “unsuccessful” was a poor choice of words do describe the outcome of that race for me.  What really surprises me is that somebody over there bothered to fix it.

BTW, I complained about the same thing to Molly after my 2010 independent race for council and she stopped doing it.

Of course this year I would have no excuses.  If they call me an unsuccessful failed loser, I’ll have to keep my mouth shut.

But I don’t plan to let that happen.


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