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Do We Have To Let It Get This Bad First?

Highland Park, Michigan schools:  $16,000 per student.  $11 million deficit in a $19 million dollar budget.  10% proficiency in high school English.  0% in math. 

The city thankfully arrives at the only reasonable solution; Give it up!

From Thursday’s Wall Street Journal:

Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools

Highland Park Turns Over Troubled Operations to For-Profit Charter Firm

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich.—The public school district in this hard-luck city has come up with a radical answer for its troubled education system: It is outsourcing all of it.

Highland Park School District, one of the state’s lowest-performing academically, says it will turn over its three schools and nearly 1,000 students to a private, for-profit charter school company—the second district in Michigan to take such a drastic step to avert financial collapse.


The contract with the private company is for about half of what Highland Park was paying per student.  Let’s keep an eye on how they do.

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