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Do We Legislate Morality?

Or Don’t We?

A good point I heard made on RedEyeRadio this morning:

So many liberals, when making the case for gay marriage, say that the government shouldn’t legislate morality.  They say that it shouldn’t be in the business of making moral judgements about human relationships.

I agree.  Actually, as I’ve argued herehere and here, the government should have never gotten into the marriage business in the first place.

But these very same people argue that we need laws that force rich people to give their money to poor people.  Well, yes, a moral argument can be made that the rich should help the poor.  But they want laws.  Lots of them.  As a matter of fact, liberals have enacted hundreds of thousands of programs and tax laws that try to decide who deserves what, and from whom do they deserve it.  Maybe millions of laws.  Who knows?  There’s new ones all the time.

Our legal codes are totally steeped in moral judgements made by people in power who believe that their morals are superior to those of the rest of us.  So the left is every bit as guilty as anyone else of wanting the government to impose it’s morality on the populace.

Really, only the libertarians are consistent in this regard (although there is some disagreement between those who support gay marriage and those, like myself, who oppose state licensing of marriages in the first place.)


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  1. Joegoofinoff wrote:

    Let me be the first to shoot my mouth off on this.

    As far as gay marriage goes, we all know the govt. (whatever level) is going to impose gay marriage on us. It’s only a matter of time and it’ll never be allowed to come to a vote of the people ( the proponents of gay marriage aren’t going to allow that again). The good thing is decent people will always teach their children that such a thing as gay marriage is immoral.

    On another level, it isn’t being told to people (for good reason) that in Mass., following the gay marriage law, there’s been a blizzard of lawsuits forcing all sorts of businesses to recognize the law, no matter their personal feelings on the issue (bakeries, florists, etc.)

    Lastly, anyone who doesn’t believe the churches/clergy won’t be hauled into court on this, I’ve got a bridge to sell them – what a deal.


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