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Don’t Fix It, End It

The IRS can not be reformed.  If we are going to tax income income in this country then we need an agency that makes it it’s own business to be involved in everybody else’s business.  And any organization with the power to track the production of every person living in this country, citizen and non-citizen alike, has the power to destroy our freedoms, our rights, our privacy, and the Republic itself.

Letting the politicians decide what forms of production are taxed and at what rate does nothing to make us wealthier.  It only fattens the lobbyists and the politicians who accept their bribes.  Taxes on profits keep money earned by American companies overseas from being repatriated.  The income tax also is an irritant to relations with foreign governments as we demand that they loosen their own banking privacy laws so we can track the incomes of Americans living overseas or depositing money overseas.

But the worst thing about the income tax is that it retards economic growth.

It’s a well known fact that anything you tax you get less of.  So why would we want to put a tax on wealth creation?

What we need to do is scrap the income tax and the IRS and move to a consumption-based tax like the Fair Tax.  Despite what the economic geniuses in Washington would have you think, it’s production, not consumption that enriches us.  Ending the tax on production and steering more of our resources from consumption to investment would re-boot the entire economy, spur real economic growth, end all the lobbying and eliminate the government’s excuse to invade our priva…………..excuse me one second……….there’s a man at the door who wants to talk to me……………………Yes, I’m David Schneck…….but…but…….I see…..yes, I get it……..yes, loud and clear………thank you sir, have a good day.

Umm…. Ahh…… Never mind all that stuff I said up there.  We need the IRS.  They’re a bunch of great guys.  Sorry to waste your time.


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