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Don’t Waste Your Vote. Vote For Gary Johnson.

“What we really need is a second political party in this country”  Ron Paul


Sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but here in New Jersey your vote doesn’t count.  Voters in the Garden State will not be deciding who the next president is.  This state so blue that it would take a Romney landslide for New Jersey to be competitive for the former governer.  If Romney wins New Jersey, then he will easily win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.  It would be the greatest Republican landslide since Reagan’s 49 state victory in 1984.  It’s not as if New Jersey will somehow be alone among the blue states to switch sides and fall into the red camp.  It’s much more likely that in such a scenario we would be among the last holdouts for Obama.

So why not actually do something with your vote?

Poll after poll show a great many voters to be dissatisfied with the presidential choices both in the current election and in previous elections.  Many voters say they would prefer a viable third choice if one was available.  They are, however, discouraged from voting third party when third parties are forced to run candidates with little or no governmental experience and typically recieve less than 1% of the vote. 

This year is different.  Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson was a successful two-term Republican governer.  He has more executive experience than Romney or Obama.  If he could grab even 5% of the vote in New Jersey, instead of 2% or 3%, it would do a lot more good for our political system than for Romney to lose the state by a smaller margin than he might have otherwise.  Nobody will really notice whether Romney gets 41% in New Jersey or 44%.  But if libertarian Gary Johnson can achieve a decent slice of the vote both here and in other states the country might start to take notice.  People may be more willing to take a shot at voting Libertarian in future elections, both national and local.  And the press might actually talk about us once in a while, and let us into the debates.  With more people hearing our message anything could happen.

Like the status-quo and think the country is in fine shape?  Yeah, go ahead and be a another cog in the Republicrat machine.  Want you vote to actually make a difference, to be the beginning of a change in this country?

Vote for Gary Johnson!  


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