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Enabling Sexual Predators

From today’s Asbury Park Press:

 Without training and teaching certification, his client (former St. Rose baseball coach Bartholomew McInerney) made misguided attempts to talk to the players and advise them that masturbation could be an alternative to other sexual activity, West Long Branch-based attorney Charles Uliano said.

The reason why young students are so susceptible to the sexual advances of teachers and other adult mentors is that teachers do talk to students about sex as part of the curriculum. This is a big mistake and should be stopped. The sex lives of our children should not be the business of anyone but we their parents. Children would then know that any adult outside the family that talks to them about sex is a danger and should be reported on. Teachers should stick to teaching academics and baseball coaches should stick to teaching baseball. Stay out of our children’s sex lives and our children will be much safer.

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