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Freedom Explained

My Internet connection is pretty lame and seems to work for only five or ten minutes at a time so I will be very brief.  Most of you understand that the Free State Project is only a plan to get people up here.  It is not involved in any activism itself.  That is left to the one thousand or so participants who are already here.  They have been very busy and have scored successes too numerous to mention here but that I will write about later.

The two main pro-liberty groups in New Hampshire that were formed by free-staters are Free Keene and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  Free Keene, based in Keene is the more radical of the two and practices civil disobedience rather frequently.  The Liberty Alliance uses more of a within the system approach and has had a great influence in shaping legislation at the statehouse.  They have also elected 14 free staters as representatives in the state legislature.

Another smaller group is the Shire Society, which is promoting the idea of a state within the state.  Their state is of course a state of mind, not a state in the legal sense.  They are handing out a pamphlet here at PorcFest that does a great job of explaining what freedom is.  Pity that it needs to be explained, but it does, as most Americans have no idea what freedom actually is.

Please have a look:





My favorite line:

“Evil does not arise solely from evil people, but also from good people who tolerate the initiation of force as a means to their own ends.”


I am now heading off to a seminar entitled “The Importance of Running for Office”.  I’ll write again when I can.

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