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Freedom Is On The March

Of course I would have loved for Ron Paul to come in first just to stick it to all the establishment Republican hacks who have been obsessed with destroying him over the last two weeks.   Anyone subject to the type of ugly, non-stop smear campaign that Paul has been the target of recently would be lucky not to find himself in prison, or the object of a drone attack, much less running a strong third in a presidential primary!  And since Iowa, along with several other early primary states, allots it’s delegates proportionately, Paul is pretty much going to get  the same amount of delegates from Iowa as Romney and Santorum.  Still, first would have been better and after the entrance polls and early returns showed Paul leading I was a little disappointed when I got up this morning.  The really good news, though, is that I got more votes than Jon Huntsman!

The other good news is that my friend Jim Bean is going to be sworn in as a member of the Belmar Council tonight.  This is very exciting for me, because, knowing Jim as well as I do, when I see him swear to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution, I’ll know that he actually means it.

Good luck Jim!

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