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Gas Attack

WNYC exposes Cuomo’s pipeline conflicts

Maggie Moran at center of controversy



  1. Katrina wrote:

    Wow. I’m so surprised that Maggie Moran is getting paid hefty sums to confuse and control important issues. Hold the pipeline people hostage for contributions. Give my guy money and I’ll get you what you want.
    Humm. I sorta remember something like that happening here in Belmar land after our worst catastrophe ever. Have your husband fire a local company he already signed a contract with and give it to a BIg player with deep pockets that your firm has made big bucks from. And of course twist it to look like it was altruistic.
    Think of all the years Matt Doherty was our Mayor. How many banners with his name appeared for every event. How many times was he on channel 12, how many articles in the local press quoting him, how many radio interviews.How many times did he malign any Belmar resident who tried to question him. How much grandstanding did he do for media coverage so he could run for higher political office. All coordinated by his wife. Does anyone notice that all of that has stopped since Matt got his cushy payback job down in AC? No one in the media cares about Belmar anymore because Maggie Maran has moved on to a bigger pond.
    If talking about this makes me a negative,naysayer,obstructionist,against recovery whiner: I say so be it!

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 8:48 am | Permalink
  2. admin wrote:

    Welcome to our world, Albany!

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 9:55 am | Permalink
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    You be me to the punch, again.

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 9:49 am | Permalink
  4. Spin Doctor wrote:

    #1-interesting Spin.

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 11:21 am | Permalink
  5. OLD MAN wrote:

    #4 I believe she is correct

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 4:43 pm | Permalink
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    #1 Guess work and supposition .

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 7:31 pm | Permalink
  7. Katrina wrote:

    Which part is guess work or supposition?
    That Maggie Moran’s company did work for Ashbritt? Or that Matt hired then fired Broadco, sunddenly hired Ashbritt, then was sued for breach of contract, losing in court costing Belmar thousands and thousands of dollars?
    Or that Matt got a cushy job through the Murphy administration that Kivvit Maggies company, helped get elected?
    Or that Matts face and name was on and in every media outlet constantly when he was mayor. And they have all but disappeared when he did?
    The NPR article above is worth the listen.

    Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 10:01 pm | Permalink
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    It’s sad but it seems that the Doherty/Moran family know no other way to succeed in life except to lie, cheat and steal from the voting public.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 6:43 am | Permalink
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Katrina: The article made “NPR” News yesterday, around the Moth Radio Your segment.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 8:22 am | Permalink
  10. Mixed Up wrote:

    #7-You have your facts mixed up. You “assume” that the mayor’s wife was involved in Belmar business, but she wasn’t . You have no information as to why the borough left Broadco. Did you sit in on meetings after Hurricane Sandy? You put 2 t 2 together and got 5 instead of the correct answer. Belmar was the focus of news media after Sandy no community affected by the storm came back as quickly as Belmar , especially with the opening of the boardwalk and beach. You “assume ” that the mayor’s wife , through her connections , made the mayor a media personality, when, in fact, she didn’t . The phrase you used…”twist it” demonstrates your “assumptions. To summarize, you have no idea of what you suggest actually occurred . I do. In the end, you know what they say about the word ” assume. “

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 9:38 am | Permalink
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    Ashbritt came along , thankfully, when the company was much-needed. You have no knowledge , #7, of why Asbritt was contracted. No town, after Sandy, was back together as quickly as Belmar. Other communities affected by the hurricane were reaching out to Belmar for advice as to how to proceed.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 11:28 am | Permalink
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    I am not assuming that our BA, and our then current DPW supervisor went over to Avon and pitched Avon’s BA on the great work Ashbritt was doing during Sandy. Why would they need to do that???You could assume why or just know why!Lucky for Avon he threw them right the F out.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 11:29 am | Permalink
  13. Constantly? wrote:

    #7 -That the mayor was in the media constantly is a gross exaggeration . Your use of words such as twist, constantly , altruistic, demonstrate your desire to incite. Also, in your #1 commentary, you use the words confuse and control . You certainly want to get folks fired up with notions that can’t be substantiated . Only guess work.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 11:48 am | Permalink
  14. Loaded Words wrote:

    #1 & 7 -Confuse and control, twist, constantly . Loaded words deceive.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 12:35 pm | Permalink
  15. Katrina wrote:

    #10. I am more then willing to be corrected. But first I’d have to know who you are and how you “know”.
    What I know as fact is that Broadco won a lawsuit against the borough.
    What I know is the media attention to Belmar left with Matt Dorehty.
    And what I know is NPR just did a segment questioning the conflict of interest of Maggie Maran.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 12:52 pm | Permalink
  16. The Truth wrote:

    The swamp in Belmar must be drained. Drain this cesspool of poor management and vindictiveness. Start at the top and continue until the swamp is totally drained. They all must be held accountable.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 1:07 pm | Permalink
  17. Aileen wrote:

    I’d just like to point out that NPR and WNYC are frequent news sources for me and that they (especially NPRs national news) are fair and unbiased. Lots of Republicans list NPR as liberal and I don’t agree. Hoping this story helps Republicans listen in more. One thing WNYC does before elections is “30 issues in 30 weeks” where they take experts (and they’re real experts) from both sides of the aisle. It’s very comprehensive and informative.

    I’d also like to point out how easy it is to funnel lots of money to politicians ever since Citizens United.

    Just sayin….

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 3:32 pm | Permalink
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    # 17- fair and unbiased
    Please, this is a nice website. Lets not have anymore talk like that.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 5:34 pm | Permalink
  19. Katrina wrote:

    I listen to NPR all the time Aileen. Both NYC and BBC. I also find it pretty balanced and interesting. They have intelligent conversations. I’m really at a point that I find the labels of liberal or conservative to not fit me personally at all. Issues are all very complex and I vasilate depending on the subject.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 6:59 pm | Permalink
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    #15-Things are low-key here in Belmar. Ergo, no draw for the media. Can’t you figure that out? Much of media attention centered around how the town rallied after the hurricane. Banners with the mayor’s name? I recall a banner at the seafood festival with the mayor’s name welcoming folks to the festival. Maybe that happened twice. Great the Broadco won the suit. You don’t know the facts. Your Charged words demonstrate your ongoing desire to trash all things Belmar.

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 7:44 pm | Permalink
  21. List of Concerns wrote:

    #1, 7 and 15-Your list of concerns dwindled from a whole bunch to three. Maybe you’re getting the message..

    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 7:53 pm | Permalink
  22. Anonymous wrote:


    Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 9:43 pm | Permalink
  23. admin wrote:

    Just to clarify, Broadco was fired and replaced by J.H. Reid, another company Maggie did work for. This was to pump the water out of the lakes and back into the ocean. Broadco sued and in June of 2016 they were awarded $260,000 by the Superior Court.

    The company that was fired so we could hire Ashbritt was called DeRouville. They were given a contract to grind up and haul away the debris from the boardwalk and then fired days later. They sued us for $265,000 but the Borough was able to fight that one off. I sure it costed tens of thousands in legal expense though.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 3:36 am | Permalink
  24. Town Divided wrote:

    #10 & #13 how are you so sure on the information you are giving….are you Colleen Connelly trying to clear the air so it doesn’t look so bad when they appoint a liar and the person responsible for such a divide in our town as CFO. Walk around town and ask business owners and residents alike how they feel about her. I am sure more than not you will find people who do not trust her in the smallest way.
    It is sad the divide we have in town due to one person being a liar.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 7:02 am | Permalink
  25. Annie Oakley wrote:

    #1,7and 15
    Proof that you post only about negative perceptions is that you fail to mention how hard the mayor and council worked after Sandy. We organized and assisted our residents in a way that was unmatched by any other community. You are so far off base in your remarks. No commentary from you about how the community came together in the worst of times under the leadership of mayor and council. Talk about banners, you always wave the banner of opposition .the town set up a communication system equal to none, organized a outreach center at borough hall equal to none, and had so many volunteers that they went out to devastated areas in shifts. Not once have your comments reflected positives about our town.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 8:39 am | Permalink
  26. Message for #24 wrote:

    I am not Colleen Connolly . I don’t even like her. Why bring her into this?

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 8:44 am | Permalink
  27. Hungry wrote:

    #25 Annie Oakley. Dont forget about the thousands of dollars in Shop Rite gift cards that mysteriously disappeared. Or were distributed to a select few. Who knows?

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 12:02 pm | Permalink
  28. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    #25 – The only one of the men on the council who worked hard after the storm (as in putting his hands on actual work) was Jim Bean. Matt and Brian were just flapping their jaws throughout the who cleanup. Actually, when you think about it, Matt and Brian would just get in the way when it comes to doing any real work.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 12:10 pm | Permalink
  29. Annie Oakley wrote:

    #27-Give it up about the gift cards! The Shoprite cards were given to the people who needed them. People came in to the outreach center and were hungry . Yes, they were given out randomly. Yes, we didn’t keep a record, but we were anxious to help those in need. A select few? Give me a break! Let’s find fault, when it isn’t warranted, and ignore all of the good that transpired during those difficult post-Sandy times.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm | Permalink
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    28-Matt Doherty was out and about all over the community after the storm. How do I know this? I went around with him. He helped many residents, as did Brian. So involved with residents was Matt that he ignored problems in his own home after Sandy.over $80,000 to his basement . He was constantly knocking on doors , offering assistance as needed. Matt did this quietly, without fanfare. MAtt didn’t return to his family for two weeks post Sandy. He slept on a cot at borough hall, always on call for residents .

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 1:45 pm | Permalink
  31. Anonymous wrote:

    #29 and #30. AKA Colleen/Maggie. Dirty Doherty put on the facade that he cared about the community but deep down he only cared about his egotistical self and his personal agenda.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 2:32 pm | Permalink
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    #31-not according to what I experienced after Sandy. Mayor was always there to pitch in.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm | Permalink
  33. Not Clever wrote:

    #1. With your attempt to be clever with Wow and humm- you’re not clever. Exaggerations and imaginary scenarios.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:36 pm | Permalink
  34. Katrina wrote:

    I have never said that Matt or the council people didn’t help out after Sandy. The whole town got together,the police, DPW, first responders,water rescue, neighbor helping neighbor. The national guard, people from all over. It was a wonderful moment for all of us. A town wide effort. Beautiful!
    It’s what came after that troubles me. And I’m sorry but you lose credibility when you argue a point without identifying yourself.
    The news item above is talking about Maggie Moran’s conflict of interest investigation by the NY Ethics board. Her firm lobbys for the company trying to do business with the governor who she is campaign manager for. You don’t see the conflict there?

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:43 pm | Permalink
  35. Aileen wrote:

    Katrina, they never will.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:04 pm | Permalink
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    #34-All you’ve ever done is criticize. You never acknowledged the mayor or council for their amazing work in bringing the town back during and after the hurricane. I’m losing credibility ? You have no credibility with a large part of our community. You like to put council members on the spot by asking questions that you think you know the answers to, but you don’t Don’t give me that stuff that you support the town. Mostly, it is how bad can I make the council members look? Never, ever, have I heard, or read anything good that you’ve said or written about our community. Talk about not having credibility .

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 8:22 pm | Permalink
  37. Katrina wrote:

    Actually I ask questions of the council because I DONT know the answers. That’s the point of asking questions.
    The fact that the council most times doesn’t or won’t answer, or doesn’t know themselves speaks about them not me.
    Again, the fact that you hide behind anonymity does not allow for true open dialogue. Say whatever you want about me. Tell me how terrible I am. At least I openly accept responsibility for what I say and the opinions I express.
    And if you (whoever you are) don’t like me, I can live with that too.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 10:56 pm | Permalink
  38. For What Purpose? wrote:

    #34-How does what’s going on in Maggie Moran’s life impact your life? What are you trying to prove? What does a perceived “conflict” have to do with you? There you go again. You relish this kind of thing. Let’s focus on bad stuff . Let’s make people look bad. You’ll be so sad if this turns out to be nothing. You present yourself as the self-appointed watch dog of Belmar. It’s a bit much.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 at 11:05 pm | Permalink
  39. Terry Pierce wrote:

    I would like to retell my experience with all of the “work” attributed to the Mayor and council. I had to move out because there was no electricity
    for a very long time. When I came up for a FEMA meeting the electricity was on. Afire occurred that shut the power down again. Through that my meter was confiscated. When I was told gift cards were given out on my street they told me I could go to the Boro Hall and pick one up. I went both clerks informed me I was not eligible to have a card because I was not on the list and I needed to make an appointment with the BA Connolly this brings me back into Belmar to a house that was not habitable at the appointment time. I went to the appointment with both electric bills that arrived and was informed she would check with JCP&L I
    Never heard from her again and do not care to speak to her at all. Now when you accuse people of being untruthful
    not knowing facts or what is going on you are wrong. What happened to the groups of church people that came into
    this town and cleaned out both of my garages. I never have heard about them except from Claire Deicke and our new council president who between the 2 of them had George leading the crews to where they were needed. Please don’t give credit where credit is not due.
    Every one in this town was affected by the storm that was 6 years ago and we
    Are still discussing what happened. My advice to all is read the papers handed down by the courts on the law suits and
    Hear the real stories. Then all attitudes might change. You can’t make this stuff up people and the court has ruled on some of them with several more to go. It is a learning experience.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 3:02 am | Permalink
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    Are we skipping right over #12, that Maggie/Matt had our Boro employees go over to Avon to try and solicit more work for her client?

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 8:35 am | Permalink
  41. Anonymous wrote:

    #38, “Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies” mantra is childlike hiding under the blankets.

    Ask questions for Answers not just to blow air out of your mouth.I

    Not enough questions were asked if you read the Soprano State, Belmar corruption could be in its sequel.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 8:44 am | Permalink
  42. Anonymous wrote:

    They were soliciting Avon by the Sea on behalf of their pay to play, no bid donors who they allowed the “boys” to walk through Belmar’s doors without any investigation. Conte, Ferreira File sound familiar?

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 9:59 am | Permalink
  43. Explain wrote:

    #34-What does Maggie Moran’s situation have to do with Belmar? Your question , ” You don’t see the conflict there? ”
    Means what? I don’t know anything about the conflict, nor do I care. What’s your point?

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 10:41 am | Permalink
  44. admin wrote:

    The people who have been paying attention to what goes on here have been through a lot with Matt and Maggie. A real lot. Forgive us if we still have an interest with what is going on with the former First Couple.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 11:24 am | Permalink
  45. Why? wrote:

    #44-Why? For what reason? To make them look bad? He’s no longer in office. Why not dig around about other people in town, if that is your passion. Your use of the words…”still have an interest in the first couple” are interesting . It seems that it’s more like, let’s keep on finding fault. It’s like, Hurrah! let’s dig up stuff about them . Much more than an interest.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 12:11 pm | Permalink
  46. Terry P wrote:

    Anything there is to dig up about
    The X-mayor and his wife is used because they know where it is buried.
    Not the people that are paying the bills.
    At least we won’t have to listen
    to no tax increases next year because we are so deep in debt it will take
    quite a while to get out. To bad about the law that public officials can not be sued sort of makes them free of any-
    thing they do by default.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 2:36 pm | Permalink
  47. Anonymous wrote:

    Give it up about the former mayor and his wife. No purpose to it.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 2:46 pm | Permalink
  48. Boo hoo wrote:

    #47. Never! They made their bed now they have to lie in it.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 2:54 pm | Permalink
  49. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    Lets let it go about Matt. He’s gone – good enough for me. That nightmare is over. Now let’s concentrate on the current nightmare we have on our hands.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 3:28 pm | Permalink
  50. Anonymous wrote:


    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 5:44 pm | Permalink
  51. Anonymous wrote:

    #34-Your first sentence gives you away.”I never said that the mayor and council people didn’t help after Sandy.” But you never said that they did a great job in bringing the town together. How do you think all of the wonderful things you listed that happened after Sandy occurred? It was with the leadership of mayor and council that all that happened . The mayor had a plan in place for recovery equal to none.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 5:56 pm | Permalink
  52. Anonymous wrote:

    Everyone came together because that’s what human beings do. We are social animals and biologically we do try to help one another. Very simple. Many didn’t need a leader of the band nor a pied piper to help thy neighbor as thyself. This community always came through for each other in times of need long before Sandy, Irene, Hugo or Donna for that matter. Get over yourself 51. Or better yet don’t to bury yourself.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 8:24 pm | Permalink
  53. Anonymous wrote:

    #52No question that neighbors helped each other during Sandy. I’m referring to the relief center, the dispatching of volunteers to clean up properties, bringing in state officials to assist, communications sent out to residents by the Mayor on a regular basis informing residents of the state of affairs at a given time, the answering of phone calls at borough hall answering questions from concerned residents and the work the police officers were dispatched to execute. Yes, despite your superficial opinions, Leadership is essential in such a devastating situation. Also, your last sentence makes no sense.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 10:59 pm | Permalink
  54. Storm wrote:

    Sandy was a much bigger, more devastating storm than others you mentioned, # 52. Not a good comparison. Much more was involved with Sandy. Leadership was definitely needed with Sandy .

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 12:14 am | Permalink
  55. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    Leadership is essential in such a devastating situation
    #53 – You are correct about the idea of “leadership” but I don’t think you understand how leadership is displayed. Leadership is shown through humility.
    Marcus Aurelius (emperor of Rome) used to be mistaken for a common soldier by curriers from the Senate. They couldn’t believe an emperor would be dressed like a common soldier and do the work of a common soldier. That is leadership. Jim Bean demonstrated real leadership of that vein after the storm while Matt and Brian were running around showboating (in their defense, I’m sure they would have been completely useless attempting to put their hands on actual work as Jim did).

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 7:27 am | Permalink
  56. Anonymous wrote:

    Photo ops, photo ops, photo ops. I

    No one could be interviewed without hearing the roar of a Cushman car rushing to the videographer to jump into the shoot doing mcdirty’s “I am the man” routine. Saw this happen all over Ocean Avenue. Obnoxious and totally abhorrent showboating.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 9:10 am | Permalink
  57. Anonymous wrote:

    Matt Doherty didn’t showboat during Sandy. He worked for the people as a good leader should. Humility is a great quality , and our former mayor was low-key about the disaster at his own property. $80,000 worth of damage to his home which he ignored because he put the needs of his constituents first. He slept at borough hall for two weeks as he was always on hand to assist. If that isn’t humility I don’t know what is. Marcus Aurelius was smiling down at him!

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 9:31 am | Permalink
  58. Anonymous wrote:

    Matt Doherty didn’t showboat during Sandy. He ignored $ 80,000 damage to his own property, and slept at borough hall for 2 weeks to meet the needs of his constituents. He was out and about helping residents. If these examples of his dedication don’t spell humility, I don’t know what does. Marcus Aurelius would be proud of him! Leadership I’d demonstrated in many ways, and Mayor Doherty proved this by using his intelligence , compassion and hard work.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 9:38 am | Permalink
  59. Roman Emperor wrote:

    Leadership takes on many qualities, not just hard work.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 9:41 am | Permalink
  60. Antiblowhard wrote:

    Fick!e finger of Fate doesn’t care if one choose to refer to oneself as a “politician” vs a Statesman.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 10:34 am | Permalink
  61. Marcus Aurelius wrote:

    I’m Marcus Aurelius, speaking from the grave. Like it or not, Matt Doherty did a great job . Showed great humility and leadership during Sandy. Pax!

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 11:52 am | Permalink
  62. Be Fair wrote:

    #55 Jim Bean contributed greatly during Sandy recovery, but no need to put down Matt and Brian. They also worked and were there for all of us.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 12:25 pm | Permalink
  63. Julius Caesar wrote:

    My favorite Roman is Julius Caesar-Big Julie-Veni, Vidi, Vici-I came, I saw, I conquered. Marcus Aurileus is Ok, but Julius is the man!

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 3:02 pm | Permalink
  64. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    #61 – That’s a bunch of baloney. I was talking to Marc just the other days and he told me that there are many imposters saying they’re him and not to believe them. Sir, you’re an imposter.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 4:24 pm | Permalink
  65. Least Favorite Roman wrote:

    My least favorite Roman emperor is Nero. He fiddled while Rome burned! Not a nice guy.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:03 pm | Permalink
  66. madame snark wrote:

    Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion, so the expression says.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:59 pm | Permalink
  67. Another Roman Leader wrote:

    How about the Roman Emperor Caligula? Was he really a mad man, or was he a true leader, dressing like a regular guy, like Marcus Aurileus??

    Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 11:11 am | Permalink
  68. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    Caligula’s the one who made his horse a senator.
    —————————————Marcus Aurelius did more than dress like a “regular” guy. He worked like a regular guy. Read and carry a copy of his “Meditations.” Its good for the soul.

    Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 2:34 pm | Permalink
  69. Another Roman Leader wrote:

    # 68-Will do! It’s just that I’ve always been a big fan of Big Julie. I guess Caligula was a mad man from what you included in your commentary!

    Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 3:47 pm | Permalink
  70. Anonymous wrote:

    Just read these comments. Matt Doherty was a hands-on mayor after Sandy. I witnessed him helping residents clear their properties.

    Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 6:53 pm | Permalink
  71. Tulip wrote:

    #70. Could it be he was always in the north end of town?

    No one ever reports their sightings
    locations just that he was there.

    How about the south end did anyone see him there? Just wondering.

    Monday, September 17, 2018 at 12:25 am | Permalink
  72. Anonymous wrote:

    I live in the south end . Mayor Doherty came to our neighborhood several times after Sandy.

    Monday, September 17, 2018 at 8:19 am | Permalink
  73. Anonymous wrote:

    I’m on 13th Ave. near the beach. Mayor Doherty came to my door and asked if he could do anything to help during recovery from Sandy.

    Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4:27 pm | Permalink
  74. legion wrote:

    OK,OK, Doherty was not the devil, in spite of “losing his cellphone”, but how about Magovern? Did he help anyone hands-on? Tote that barge, lift that bale, etc.? Sorry, I fail to imagine the former mayor soiling his khakis, but anything is possible.

    Monday, September 17, 2018 at 5:25 pm | Permalink
  75. legion wrote:

    I would add that Magovern disobeyed the order to evacuate during the hurricane and put a family member in peril, who had to be rescued, I believe. I wonder how he would behave if such a disaster would happen here again. (For one thing, the police should announce the evacuation order, not the mayor.)

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 7:36 am | Permalink
  76. Anonymous wrote:

    The Chief of Police trumps a mayor in a State of Emergency. Give credit where credit is due.

    With the prediction of a major Hurricane headed to Belmar (European model) our Chief of Police at that time hightailed it out of Belmar on Thursday for vacation.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 8:23 am | Permalink
  77. legion wrote:

    So how many water rescues were there in Belmar, 200? – people who disobeyed the order of the mayor. Big authority as at least one council member chose not to listen. Respect and credibility are paramount.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 8:54 am | Permalink
  78. Tom Dilberger wrote:

    #75- sir, there is no such thing as an “evacuation order.” Each adult retains the right to go or stay. A few years ago, I was ordered to leave my condo because of a localized fire on another floor that had been extinguished by the time the police “ordered” me to leave. There was no fine and I wasn’t arrested. Stay or go – your choice.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 9:06 am | Permalink
  79. legion wrote:

    #78 Exactly right. People are ultimately responsible for themselves, barring some situation, like having small children in their charge. I would feel terrible if I had put my disabled wife in peril because of my stubbornness or stupidity, or strong ego and sense of individuality. But, to each his own; my point which has become diluted, is that Magovern is not a strong, creditable leader who can lead by example.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 9:27 am | Permalink

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