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Giving Me The Vapors

In today’s Wall Street Journal:

The growing e-cigarette industry is waging a battle against New Jersey’s hefty proposed tax on the devices, worrying that such a levy could set a precedent as states start to grapple with the new products.

Gov. Chris Christie and some New Jersey legislators say they want to place a 75% wholesale tax on e-cigarettes and some related gear, mirroring what New Jersey charges on traditional smokes, currently $2.70 for a pack of 20……….

………Mr. Christie says the tax could bring in $35 million a year, funds the state needs to help close a budget gap of more than $1 billion.

You know e-cig users are no more responsible for the billion dollar budget gap than are vegetarians or bridge players.  But I guess Godfather Christie and the Trenton mafia just see us as easy prey.

I’m counting the days until my girls are out of school and we can start getting ready to leave this place.

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