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Gopal Pushed AshBritt Too

You may recall that a few weeks after Sandy then-Belmar administrator Bill Young visited Avon administrator Tim Gallagher.  Young brought along his assistant, Colleen Connolly, who is our current administrator.  The reason for the visit was to talk about AshBritt.  According to Mr Gallagher, as quoted in the Coast Star, the two “said they (AshBritt) were doing a good job for them and that we should consider using them.”

Well here’s something interesting I ran across this morning.

Three weeks after Sandy Monmouth County Democratic Party Chairman Vin Gopal emailed blogger Art Gallagher, of More Monmouth Musings.  Gopal asked if Gallagher could arrange a meeting with Highlands mayor Frank Nolan for Laura Matos of M Public Affairs.  We all know who M Public Affairs is.

From the story:

Friday evening on the Political Roundtable segment of the NJTV News with Mike Schneider, Gopal reacted to the news that the federal government had cleared Christie Administration of any errors or wrong doing with the AshBrit contract for cleaning up much of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy by sticking to the Democratic/Star Ledger talking points. “The bigger issue is,” Gopal said, “why was so much money wasted in the process?”   “Costs were higher,” he said, without saying higher than what. Certainly they were not higher than what the Army Corp of Engineers charged New York for their clean up.

What Gopal didn’t say is that he was busy helping AshBrit get business in the aftermath of Superstrom Sandy.

Click here to read an email Gopal sent me three weeks after Sandy hit asking for my help in introducing AshBrit’s agent, Laura Matos of M Public Affairs, a veteran of the Corzine administration, to Highlands Mayor Frank Nolan.

GOP political consultant Chris Russell joked on the segment that he was waiting for apologies from all the Democrats who criticized Christie over the AshBrit contract. Gopal should have apologized on the spot, especially since he was an active participant in recruiting municipalities to sign with the clean up company.

I don’t know if Gopal got paid for helping AshBrit get business but it is a safe bet that Matos and her fellow Corzine administration veterans at M Public Affairs did.  Vin should ask Matos why the AshBrit contract cost so much.

I didn’t get paid.  Nolan had Highlands almost entirely cleaned up without AshBrit before Vin reached out to me.

Hmm.  Lot of Gallaghers in this story.

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