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Grillo’s Personal Affairs Less Than “Ideal”

More Monmouth Musings is reporting that former Monmouth County Democrats executive director and current candidate for county freeholder Giuseppe “Joe” Grillo somehow got himself arrested on an outstanding warrant last April.  Could be for something as minor as failing to appear for a speeding ticket – we’ll find out this week – but still I would expect people who wish to run our lives to at least demonstrate some basic competence in running their own.

From the story:

The arrest report does not indicate the underlying offense for which Grillo was initially charged or the amount of bail, if any, he was required to post.

Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal was not aware of Grillo’s arrest. When asked by MMM is he knew Grilllo was arrested in April, Gopal said, “You mean for that…he was arrested? What for?” Gopal then said he would not comment. “Publish whatever slander you want, you guys.” Asked how a Neptune Township Police Department Individual Arrest Record could be considered slander, Gopal responded, “You have been publishing pictures of Larry Luttrell (Grillo’s running mate for freeholder) with his niece.“

By standards Gopal himself has set, an explanation is the very least he and Grillo should offer. Last October, Gopal issued a press release that falsely accused Red Bank Republican Council Candidate Sean DiSomma of having an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to a traffic violation in Texas. An investigation by MMM documented that there was no warrant for DiSomma’s arrest and that Gopal misreported the underlying offense. Unfortunately, The Asbury Park Press and took Gopal at his word and published his false allegations without first verifying them. Grillo was Executive Director of the Monmouth County Democrats at the time.

In his press release regarding DiSomma, Gopal said, “Maybe he (DiSomma) should start by telling Red Bank residents which laws he will choose to follow and which ones he won’t.”

Grillo should explain his arrest and should abide by the Gopal standard of explaining “which laws he will chose to follow and which ones he won’t.”

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Grillo’s been to Belmar a few times this year, first at the Doherty/Brennan campaign kickoff at Stay Gold last February, and again in July at the Monmouth Democrats’ “Relationships matter” Summer BBQ Bash at Bar A.

His day job is operating  Ideal Tile on Rt 35 in Ocean.  My wife and I actually had them re-do one of our bathrooms a few years ago.  Despite being Democrats, they had a very good selection of tiles and did a decent job on the installation.  (I’m not sure if the guys they sent had been through a U.S. Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship and training program.)


“Oops, sorry honey!  Don’t worry, they can’t see you.”

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