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Hey, Matt. What’s The Weather?

Either the mayor’s Twitter followers are all working down in the coal mines or they’re in jail or something.

May 26:  Tomorrow, Memorial Day, is going to be a perfect beach day. Come join us in #Belmar on our new 1.3 mile boardwalk.

June 2:  Sunny and 85 today in #Belmar

June 4:  Vote in the Democratic Primary today in #Belmar. Council Candidates Brian Magovern and Janis Blackburn. Voting at borohall.  (Hey!)

June 9:  80 and Sunny all day today in #belmar. Perfect beach day and a great way to wrap up seafood festival.

June 15:  Picture perfect day on the beach in #belmar today. Come join us!

July 5:  Great beach day today in #belmar.

July 6:  90 and sunny in #belmar today. Also Military Appreciation Day at 5th and Ocean. Come say “thank you” to these families.

July 14:  Perfect beach day in #Belmar today. 85 and Sunny. Great way to end the weekend.

July 15:  If I didn’t have to work today I would be at the #Belmar beach.

July 16:  The water temp at the #Belmar beach is a cool 68 today. Come for a swim!

July 17:  Sunny and 95 in #Belmar today. Water temp is a cool 70. Ocean is flat with no waves. Looks like a lake today.

July 19:  Another hot a sunny day in #belmar. Water temp is a cool 72.

July 24:  85 and sunny in #Belmar today.

July 26:  Nothing beats lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon at the 9th Ave Pier in #Belmar.

July 27:  82 and sunny all day today in #belmar. Perfect beach day. Bring the family. Bring friends. Bring strangers.


I think next year we should elect a new mayor….you know….one who’s actually careful with the people’s money, and give Matt a life-time appointment to the (unpaid) position of Belmar’s official meteorologist.


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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    I am a strong believer in the social media explosion that is going on (as long as you don’t text,tweet,etc while driving). I think these messages are fine, and that the Mayor should do all he can to encourage people to come to the Belmar Beach. There is, however, a lot more to do in Belmar than just the beach. I got word that one of the activities that has been suggested for the summer renters is to fill out voter registration forms. Now, that’s a novel idea. Other possible activities for family fun are speeding on Ocean Avenue, throwing Beer cans on 15th and 16th Avenue. Peeing on the new asphalt on 13th Avenue, and the ever popular, walking up and down Main Street in the evenings drinking things other than soft drinks. Yes,The Mayor should promote Belmar, but perhaps a little less on the social media which is mostly frequented by those who engage in the activities I just listed. I applaud the effort, but don’t like some of the outcomes. We need to re-think the How and To Whom we are making a pitch to visit Belmar.

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 7:23 am | Permalink

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