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House Passes The Pork (And Gravy!)

mmmmmm……..smells good!  Pass some over to me!

From the Patch:

The aid was approved in two measures, the first in the form of a $17 billion package designed to provide immediate aid primarily to victims of Sandy in New York and New Jersey, and the second, overarching package, adding an additional $33.7 billion in aid and bringing the total to more than $50 billion.

The purpose of splitting the aid package, presumably, was to give House Republicans the chance to vote for immediate aid while rejecting a larger package some have contested contains irresponsible spending and would throw the country into deeper debt………………

………………….Among the objections of the GOP were funding for the National Weather Service’s Ground Readiness Program, which is used to better predict storms like Sandy, NOAA grant funding, used to aid the study of climate change, among other environmental issues, and $1 million in funding for Sandy victims in need of legal advice and services.

And the Alaskan fisheries and the refurbishing of the Smithsonian and the………………

Very generous, guys.  Just remember that ALL of this money will be either printed and/or borrowed from the Chinese.  Now go enjoy spending it.

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