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How the D-1 Form Works

The first thing to understand about the state’s D-1 election form is that the primary and general are considered two completely different elections.  Now if you you receive any donations prior to primary day, those are considered as being for the primary.  You can’t raise funds during primary season for the general election.  The D-1 must be filed for the primary designating a treasurer and campaign depository for the primary.

Now after primary day, any funds you collected during the primary season that weren’t spent during the primary can be used for the general.  The D-1 for the general must be filed within 10 days after any money comes to the general election campaign.  So if you have no money after primary day, either because you spent it all or because you never raised any, the D-1 would be due within 10 days after receiving your first donation towards the general.  If your campaign account had funds in it that were collected before primary day, and are to be used now for the general instead, the D-1 would be due within 10 days after primary day because the day after the primary those funds are considered to have been moved to the general election fund.

For our 2015 council race both the Democratic candidate, Jennifer Nicolay, and the Republican candidate, Thomas Burke, filed their D-1s for the primary so that’s good.  And for the general, Ms. Nicolay filed her D-1 on August 24.  Nicolay D-1(You’ve already seen that one…it’s the one with the signatures that don’t match the 2012 D-1.)  She was able to wait until August because she didn’t receive any donations during the primary season so there was nothing to carry over.  I presume her first donation towards the general was probably in mid August.

Now if you look at Mr. Burke’s C-1 form you can see he raised money before primary day.  I can only assume he spent every penny of it before primary day and on primary day had a balance of $0 in his campaign depository.  I also assume that since primary day there has been no activity in his campaign account.  This is because he has yet to file a D-1 with the state for the general election.

Burke D-1Either that or he messed up again.


  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    I check with NJELECT on a regular basis to make sure I file all of my reports……I answer to them, not you, all of my necessary forms are filed from what they have told me, and I will be filing my 29 day report this Friday so it is received in a timely manner……May I suggest you just worry about your campaign reporting and not concern yourself with mine because I will abide by all letters of the law including the Belmar Play to pay guidelines.

    You should have more important things to do in my opinion that to worry about whether or not I report properly.

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 5:36 pm | Permalink
  2. admin wrote:

    Yup, you don’t answer to the public and your reports are none of the public’s business. I don’t even know why the state would have even created the searchable NJ ELEC website if we’re not supposed to look at campaign reports.

    I would suggest…since they obviously must have told you that you are exempt from the requirement to file a D-1 for the general election…that you don’t ever file one and let’s see what happens

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 6:28 pm | Permalink
  3. Tom Burke wrote:

    Where did I say that I do not answer to the public. Those are your words, and an a lie. Filing reports and on a timely manner is something take seriously….If I did make a mistake, and I do not think I have, Elect will tell me, not you…..your comment that I “Messed up again” is simply an irresponsible statement. Do your really know how to comprehend what you read? Your comments are bordering on being libelous when posted in this public forum. The term curmudgeon really does fit you.

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

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