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If They Tried This In Belmar The Town Would Go Nuts

Lot of rancor last night over changes to Belmar’s recycling collection. I guess those folks would hate living in Hampton.

Up here you can only use official refuse containers purchased from the town and you have to apply for them and wait a couple of weeks to be approved first.  They are $75 each (used!) and you are only allowed to buy one of each.  If you lose one, or one is stolen from you, you’re not allowed to buy another.

If you have more trash than will fit in the cans you can run it over to the town dump/reclamation center (which is actually very nice and very well run and open 7 days.)

Our recycling color is green, actually, and we use blue cans for regular trash.

Wednesday morning is pick up day for both on our street.

Both of my cans are full this week mostly because we bought a deep freezer that had a lot of packaging.  Usually it’s not a problem.

An official Hampton garbage can.


  1. Trash talk wrote:

    Can any of you Walsifer lovers please explain to me why the town isn’t purchasing these garbage cans( possibly at a reduced bulk rate) but yet had the audacity to waste my money on Polo shirts that now sit in their draws collecting dust. I was not a Doherty supporter but at least he would have had the town purchase them, and bond out the cost. At Matts math that would have only cost me 23 cents a month for 20 years. People, do yourself a favor, the town a favor by putting ALL of your crap, glass and all, in your normal garbage can. Delisa can then pick this up at no extra cost to us. It may even reduce Workman’s Comp. claims to our employees if by chance a can is over 30 lbs and keep our gasoline costs down. Our valuable employees can them go back to whatever else they do(whatever that is).

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 10:07 am | Permalink
  2. Belmar Trash wrote:

    We stay in a rural area where you need to take your trash to the dump AND pay by the pound to do so. Makes you more conscious of the trash you produce. We compost and try to minimize waste. I don’t mind it, it is a good thing.

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 1:33 pm | Permalink
  3. admin wrote:

    I wish so many consumer products weren’t so heavily packaged. Much of it isn’t even for protection, it’s just to make the item more noticeable on the store shelf.

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 1:48 pm | Permalink
  4. Tubby wrote:

    They better change the NH state slogan to “Live Free of Recyclables or Die!!”

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 2:13 pm | Permalink
  5. admin wrote:

    Actually the recycling can is so big for us usually it’s a few weeks between when I have to bring it out.

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 2:18 pm | Permalink
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Admin- your cans are way bigger than 32 gallons.

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 9:46 am | Permalink
  7. admin wrote:

    I used to have a 75 gallon fish tank. They look about the same size.

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 9:51 am | Permalink
  8. eugene creamer wrote:

    Monday is Belmar townwide recycle pick-up day and trash is also picked-up between Ocean Ave & B Street … all of the confusion with garbage can colors is limited between Ocean Ave & B Street.

    I don’t see any reason why residents west of B Street should be required to buy a blue container

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 11:05 am | Permalink
  9. E.S wrote:

    The ordinance does not say the cans have to be blue. I emailed the Boro about it and received the following response “Yes, we would prefer blue but understand the ordinance does not require it…”. It went on to say it makes it easier for the DPW to tell the difference, especially as #8 says on days when both garbage and recycling is picked up.

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 1:19 pm | Permalink
  10. Sheesh! wrote:

    Enough with the shirts already. Ya bunch of loosas. They bought Belmar shirts, big deal, big whoop. Haven’t seen this much crying since Hillary lost the election. Sheesh!

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 4:30 pm | Permalink
  11. Registered Democrat wrote:

    I would think in the year of 2020 every household that lives in a community that has recycling pick up would have a blue can for recycling they are inexpensive and make perfect sense for what we are trying to accomplish, please save your energy for more important things in life.

    Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 6:56 pm | Permalink
  12. eugene creamer wrote:

    in New Jersey … recycling is only a small part of the waste management business…

    Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 2:53 pm | Permalink
  13. craig wrote:

    “If you lose one, or one is stolen from you, you’re not allowed to buy another.” This just shows how retarded governments are, if your can gets stolen, since you can’t buy another, your only option is to steal someone else’s.

    Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 3:19 pm | Permalink
  14. admin wrote:

    It happens especially down the main beach area

    Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

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