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I Hope The Voters Of Belmar

Are Smarter Than The Voters Of NYC!


Megalomaniac Elliot Spitzer, otherwise known as Client #9, has taken a lead in his race for for New York City comptroller.

This is the same Elliot Spitzer who put people in jail for prostitution before he was busted for it himself.

The same Spitzer who as governor sicced the state police on his political opponents.

The same Spitzer who lied about his shady campaign finances.

And the same Spitzer who as attorney general threatened to come after those who publicly criticized him.

In my opinion the man is criminally insane and is lucky not to be in prison right now.

Yet he’s the odds-on favorite to be New York City’s next comptroller, and says he wants to greatly¬†expand the powers of that office!

Those NYC voters are pretty dumb.  Maybe they do need the mayor to tell them what to eat.


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