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If the U.K. can leave the E.U., can N.H. leave the U.S.?


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Not likely but if secession movements like this become popular enough maybe it will pressure the federal government to start respecting some of constitutional limits on its authority.  One thing I can guarantee is that the N.H. independence movement will grow and be much more visible now that the Foundation has recruited former Free State Project leader Carla Gericke as its new president.


Carla “Queen Quill” Gericke

It was during Ms. Gericke’s tenure that the Project achieved its 20,000th signer and she deserves much of the credit for this great success.  She recently stepped down to make way for new leadership and to take on the even greater challenge of New Hampshire independence.  Good luck Carla and maybe in a couple of years I’ll be up here to join the fight!

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