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In It To Win It

It’s official.  I, and Tom Burke have been endorsed by the Belmar Republican Club as it’s preferred candidates to fill the two Republican slots in the coming election.  There will of course be a primary in June, and I welcome anyone interested in the job to go for it, but the way it looks right now it’s going to be Tom and I battling the Democrats this fall.

I’ve run as a protest candidate in the past, both as an independent for council and a Libertarian for state assembly and both times it was great fun, but if I’m really going to change anything I have to get elected.  And if there were ever a place and a time where the principles of open and limited government were so badly needed it’s here in Belmar and it’s right now.

So I want to thank the Republican Club for giving me this opportunity and trusting me to carry their mantle, and I’m looking forward to working with Tom and having a fair, fun and spirited contest with the Democrats.


BTW, everyone is invited to attend the candidates’ meet and greet Thursday evening from 5 to 8 at Connolly Station.   Bring your questions and your appetites.



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