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Jim Bean

 If I did not know Jim Bean I would still heartily support his election to the Belmar city council. 

Good governance for Belmar requires that there be at least one Republican on the council  to represent those who may question some of the policies of the current Democratic administration.  I don’t believe it would benefit the people of Belmar to have all five seats on the council held by Democrats or by Republicans for that matter. 

But I do know Jim Bean and I like him very much.  The man has deeply held principles about what constitutes responsible self-government and in my view these principles he holds are true and good and American and badly needed these days in our country and in our town.  Knowing him as well as I do, I trust him to uphold these principles regardless of the politics of the day or the pleadings of any particular special interest or voting bloc.  He has been working tirelessly for three years to bring voice to these principles on our council and it’s about time the voters of Belmar gave him that opportunity. 

On November 8 I will be pulling the lever for Jim Bean and I strongly urge all voters in Belmar to do the same.

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