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June 2013 One Of Rainiest Ever

June Rainfall Record In Jeopardy.

Believe me I didn’t want this.  As a co-signer of the boardwalk’s $20 million bond, I now need the beach revenues to be as great as possible (even though I don’t really like when it’s so crowded out there.)  Plus I like to go to the beach myself.  So although I didn’t want a rainy June, I warned about it’s possibility and said that we shouldn’t rush the project just to have it done by Memorial Day.  Back in April, I wrote:

The mayor is placing all our marbles on having a huge beach season this year.  Bonuses to rush the boardwalk construction.  Big contracts awarded with no time for competitive bidding or even a vote by the council..  Huge subsidies paid to oceanfront restaurants.  Every single thing he does to try to make sure we have a great season this year makes having a great season this year that much more important.

We’re in this all the way now.  Everything depends on it.  So my question to the mayor, and to the council (with one notable exception) is…………..what if it rains?

Would the world have ended if the beach was opening now?  And besides, it seems that all the towns that didn’t rush their projects opened their beaches around the same time we did anyway.  And the mayor’s prediction that the towns that were slower to act would pay a lot more for materials and for their contractors never happened.  We could have saved a lot of money.  We could have used the ipe.  (Have any of you seen Avon’s boardwalk?…….Beautiful!)  And I would have liked to have seen Ocean Ave widened so we could incorporate bike lanes into it.  We should have taken our time and done it right.

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