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The Legislature’s In Session….Hide The Children!

Parents of schoolchildren please read this!


Among the 6895 (!) pieces of legislation leaking out of Trenton this session, one, titled  A2421/S454 stands out as being particularly evil and must be defeated.

A2421/S454 will remove the condition that a school must receive written parental consent before surveying children on some very deeply personal subjects such as their religious beliefs, sexual activities, and family life.   The sponsors of the bill want to change the condition to simply requiring “parental notification”.  This way they could just put a notice on their website for you to see (or not) or send a letter home for your child to give you (or not.)  There will be no requirement to receive any positive affirmation that the parent knows about it and consents.  (Parents currently even have to right to review the survey in advance before giving their consent.)  Legislators have been trying to get this change since the restriction was first put in place in 2001.

These questionnaires, coined by some as “sociological strip searches” can have many questions that the school has absolutely no business asking.

From the blog MoreMonmouthMusings here are some questions from some of these surveys already in use outside New Jersey.  They were provided by Carolee Adams of the Eagle Forum of New Jersey.


Are you bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, or not sure?

Have you had sex with males or females, or males and females?

Do you use contraception when you have sex?

How many people have you had sex with?

Did you drink or do drugs before having sex?

Have you seriously considered suicide?

Do you plan to attempt suicide?

How many times have you attempted suicide in the past?

How many times have you stolen something from a store?

Have you damaged property just for fun?

Have you used heroin, opium, morphine, PCP, Angel Dust?


Ms. Adams has an open letter to the public which can be read here.  She has been instrumental in keeping this disgusting practice out of our schools in the past, but only with help from from people like me and you.  Call your legislators.  Call Chris Christie at 609-777-2500.  Tell your friends.


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