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In Belmar anyway.

The Results:

District 1: Lonegan 80; Booker 74 — Turnout: 30 percent

District 2: Lonegan 108; Booker 85 — Turnout: 23.23 percent

District 3: Lonegan 102; Booker 90 — Turnout: 21.32 percent

District 4:  Lonegan 145; Booker 108 — Turnout: 24.20 percent

District 5: Lonegan 130; Booker 80 — Turnout: 31.68 percent


Interestingly, Lonegan won every district, some by wide margins, but the mail-ins went to Booker 58-57.  Hmmm.  Don’t trust those mail-ins.

And my message to the troops is not to get complacent because of Lonegan’s strong showing in Belmar.  Republicans usually do well here in county, state and federal elections.  We have to run like we’re behind because we very well might be.


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