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Can They At Least Pretend To Care?

There’s an AP story in Monday’s Asbury Park Press announcing that the state assembly is holding a hearing in Trenton to allow the public to voice it’s ideas on New Jersey’s problems. When is the hearing? Tuesday. That’s right, they are allowing one day’s notice. Most people read the paper at night since we taxpayers have to work during the day. So for us it isn’t even a day. This is more evidence of the contempt these people hold towards their own constituents. If they really wanted to hear our voice they’d give us at least a few days to make plans. Reservations are required to testify so I’m sure they’ve already booked it up with their shills in the unions and other people who live at the expense of the taxpayer.

I can’t make to the hearing, but if I could I would read off this list of state agencies:

You could shut down 80% of these without anyone except the people on their payrolls noticing. This state is not serious about cutting any spending. They think the problem is that revenues aren’t high enough, as evidenced by their plan to put up tollbooths on the interstate highways, including I-195. They also want to raise the gas tax, one of the few taxes where we aren’t the highest in the country.

Sometimes I wish Belmar could secede from New Jersey.

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